Vision and Ethos


Learners at Kestrel House are unique, in that they join our school with a wide scope of needs which require a very different and bespoke approach.  We create a nurturing environment where learning through exploration, thinking differently and engaging in a wealth of meaningful experiences, brings learning to life; and as a school, we begin to ‘Think and Learn Differently’.


At Kestrel House we recognize that education for our pupils needs to provide a great deal more than the National Curriculum. At Kestrel House we aim to ensure that our pupils:
Are supported to access learning opportunities in a meaningful way that takes account of their learning style and the impact of their Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Feel confident, happy and secure in themselves, their relationships and their learning.
Have the right to protection from all types of harm or abuse.
Develop and maximize their ability to communicate and interact socially with others.
Develop their ability to think flexibly, effectively and independently.
Successfully use strategies to help them manage challenges presented by their Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Reach their potential academically and work towards accreditation for their learning at the highest level possible for each individual.
Have goals and aspirations for their life beyond school and are as independent as possible in their ability to achieve them.
Are equipped and confident to take their place in society; able to be proactive and productive members of society, accessing opportunities to continue learning or working.
To do this we ensure that:
Pupils placed at Kestrel House are all equally valued, respected and nurtured.
Staff have access to on-going training, including regular child protection training.
Pupil’s needs, including challenging behaviours, are rigorously assessed, understood and supported.
Staff at Kestrel House welcome collaboration with each other, parents and outside agencies and actively seek ways to promote the best outcomes for pupils and their families.
Kestrel House offers a school environment that meets the needs of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in terms of structure, resources, visual and communication support.
Kestrel House offers a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that meets the needs of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders; tailored to be child centred, specialized and personalized.
Kestrel House basis its practice upon current research and recognized best practice and that staff have on-going professional development opportunities.
We actively promote understanding of autism in the wider community.