Kestrel House School introduced the AQA Unit Award Scheme in January 2020

Core Curriculum Targets Achieved

‘Nest to Flight’

Progression Framework

We believe every learner can develop their independence, no matter what their difficulties are, by ensuring they have the appropriate communication strategies in place to support them in a safe and caring environment.

Therefore, we have introduced and implemented a bespoke and personalised progression framework to promote and track the learner’s independence progress over time.   With support from Class Community Leads and the Wellbeing Team, we identified specific and relevant learning intentions under each area that caters towards the learners needs to support their independence. Class Community Leads use the ‘Nest to Flight’ learning intentions as part of their termly assessments and when reviewing the learner’s EHCP as part of the Annual Review process.  

The following areas we are working towards are:

  • My First Flight
  • My School Community
  • Me and My Body
  • Keeping Myself Safe at School
  • Building My Independence
  • My Personal Care
  • Things That I Enjoy Doing
  • Being Safe in My Community


The school ethos of ‘Thinking and Learning differently’ is embedded, enabling the learners to develop a skillset of life skills, which is delivered through functional and meaningful learning experiences.

By the end of their journey at Kestrel House School, all learners will be ready to spread their wings and fly.  

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