Join Lucy on our OT TV.


 The Occupational Therapist Lucy has created a video library of movement breaks, calming routines, and video modeling sessions to practice self-care and domestic tasks so the children can build on their independence skills.
These can be used at home so that the children can continue to practice and develop their skills and experience the ‘just right’ level of arousal for learning and play!

 After something exciting has happened or when we might be feeling a bit upset, cross or just overloaded by the environment around us- calming activities such as relaxing to slow and steady music, stretching the body, breathing and giving yourself deep pressure can be really helpful. This is so that over time, we become more independent in being able to regulate our bodies and have more calming ‘tools’ in our ‘tool kit’ for those tricky moments. You can follow these activities with your child and if you like, give them squeezes as well as them trying to squeeze themselves (use the palm of your hand rather than the fingertips to press in slowly on body parts such as the head, arms and shoulders). Some children might just find watching the videos themselves relaxing, and this is ok!


Hand Gym

 Before engaging in writing, cooking or self-care activities such as brushing your teeth or feeding yourself, it can be helpful to ‘warm up your hands’ and get them ready to move in the ways they need to complete the task. This will also help over time to build those larger and smaller muscles of the hand and also the arms and shoulders!


 The OT (Lucy) and the Life skills teacher (Selina) have worked together in school to make video modeling’ sessions of basic household tasks that as we grow up, become an important part of our daily routines.
You can watch before doing a simple household task so the steps are clear, or pause at each step and follow with Lucy and Selina if you have a portable tablet/iPad or laptop! We will add more videos as we practice more skills across the term! Enjoy!


 Sensory Movement Breaks

It is important that children have the opportunity to ‘move’ their bodies for a short amount of time every 30 minutes or so when engaging in focused activities. Some types of movement can help us to feel alert and awake and other types of movements can help us to focus or to feel calm and relaxed. The short dance videos in this section all include alerting movements, focusing (organising) movements and calming movements. When combined together, these movement routines can help children to reach and maintain the ‘just right’ level of arousal for learning and play! Try doing one of these quick sensory movement breaks in between learning/play activities and see if it helps your child to learn and engage with you for longer!


Difficulty ratings:

The videos are organised by how ‘tricky’ or ‘simple’ they are. Start out by trying the ‘simple’ routines and then move on from there! It is also important to remember that our goal with sensory movement breaks is not to be ‘perfect’ at all the movements- but to concentrate on ‘trying’ to copy the movements even if we don’t get them all quite right – so that we gain some movement and muscle feedback, and most importantly, have some fun together (make sure you join in with the movements too!) You do not need lots of space for these movement breaks and some are completed on chairs, so see what works for you and your child!

 Simple Movement Breaks


Are you Ready to Learn?


I love your Smile


                                                        Trickier Movement Breaks

Get your Body Movin’     I’ve got a Ponytail!


 Tricky Movement Breaks

Do Your Thing!



PSHE Curriculum: Self-Care skills

As part of Kestrel House’s PSHE curriculum, Lucy has been supporting teachers and parents in practicing skills such as using a knife and fork, tying shoelaces, and tooth brushing. There are a few videos here of some activities you can follow at home using the video. You can watch the whole video first, or pause at each step it is up to you! Why not try a ‘hand gym’ activity too before you start? (see hand gym section)



                                                                                         Pierce and Scrape- Cutlery skills  (simple)   


                                                                                          Pierce and Saw – Cutlery skills (trickier)





We have made different movement breaks using different holiday themes


Monster Mash


Santa Claus is coming to town


       Jingle Bell Rock