Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Selina Sanches
Life Skills
As the life skills lead at Kestrel House School, I always strive to equip learners with the tools and skills to develop self-help skills such as cooking and cleaning to develop their independence. Sequential and differentiated lessons are focused on their EHCP outcomes. I work with the learners to use their communication boards to follow different recipes and be able to request items they need to participate in the lesson. Additionally, I work collaboratively with the Occupational Therapist and the Speech and Language Therapist, to ensure that their specialist interventions are evident in my teaching. These only make the learning experiences more inclusive and get the best possible outcomes from the learners.
Simon Mendoza
Educational Visits Coordinator
As well as one of the school’s safeguarding leads, I am also the Educational Visits Coordinator, ensuring all classes can go out on trips as safely as possible. I support staff with the learners’ behaviour though management of our reporting system and leading on staff training of Safety Interventions such as MAPA. I also have been a long time user and trainer of MAKATON and support staff on developing their confidence in using signs alongside verbal language in regular trainings.

Yvonne Bromley
As the PSHE co-ordinator at Kestrel House School I collaborate with staff in the school community to deliver CPD and there is a consistent approach to delivering the curriculum. The curriculum ensures that learning opportunities focus on each child’s Education, Health and Care Plan outcomes, as well as support learners to be healthy (mentally and physically), safe and prepared for life.
I plan learning opportunities which focus on each learners EHCP outcomes, and on social skills, financial education, health and wellbeing. I work closely with the SaLT and OT to ensure that specialised wellbeing approaches which are taught in PSHE, are personalised and transferrable throughout school and into young adulthood.
Carl Grant
I am the PE Co-ordinator at Kestrel House School, working in partnership with the occupational therapist and the well being-team.
I plan, resource and deliver varied skills based sports, sensory activities and games curriculum, which supports social skills in a variety of settings, such as the playground, engaging pupils with positive play activities to facilitate learning in the classroom. I regularly experiment with the resources that I use to vary the learning experience and identify the most appropriate strategies for students to access their learning.
Our activities are structured with the aims and outcomes to improve the physical and motor development of the children, help the children focus, concentrate and develop self-regulation skills, so they may better manage their distractions and build resilience to access longer periods of learning.

Nikki Diacopoulos
My name is Nikki and work very closely with Class Community Leads in KS1 to ensure that the learners engage in wonderful learning experiences in and out of class. I also coordinate the termly newsletter and work across the school profiling all the fantastic learning that takes place each term. I support the learners to access and engage in a range of sensory activities, enabling them to work towards achieving their EHCP outcomes as well as develop their independence. The newsletter continues to develop and expand due to the vast array of events and fundraising we do at school. I support and promote ‘Messy4Mind’ which raises awareness for mental health.