As Curriculum lead for Literacy I work with class teams and the Wellbeing team in order to develop meaningful Literacy targets which are accessible to our learners; making sure that learners can understand their own targets via relatable sentences, symbols or photos. Once targets are established for our learners, I then work with class teams and the Wellbeing team to create accessible learning experiences based on multisensory approaches with the intention that our learners can better develop their own Literacy skills.






As curriculum lead for numeracy I work with class teams to help them develop their knowledge and confidence in teaching successful and meaningful numeracy lessons. I liaise with the wellbeing team to support with different strategies and techniques to help our learners develop the best numeracy skills they can. I believe it is important to make numeracy fun and engaging creating multisensory activities in order for learners to meet their targets and needs successfully.

As Science Lead I make sure that children have the opportunity to experience and learn about the environment around them using sensory stimulation. I work closely with the Wellbeing team and establish targets that are easily transferable to their everyday life experiences, making it more meaningful to them and their families. The main goal is to give children a multisensory experience from which they can learn and at the same time enjoy Science.