Our Curriculum


Our Specialist Autism Specific Curriculum Incorporates Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy
At Kestrel House School, our multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning forms a curriculum that is personalized and sensitive to every pupil’s needs. We use a range of well recognised strategies and approaches in the fields of autism and education that have an evidence base demonstrating their effectiveness. It is an eclectic and holistic approach to Autism encompassing

•TEACCH principles

•Visual structure and support

•Intensive Interaction

•Social Skills groups

•Circle Time

•Social Stories and comic strip conversations



•Occupational Therapy

•Speech and Language Therapy

At Kestrel House School, we base our teaching philosophy on the belief that learning is not just the acquisition of skills, but rather that true learning affects the way a child thinks and understands the world and operates within it.

How We Do It:

•By providing a safe, welcoming, motivating and consistent environment

•Through a professional, skilled and knowledgeable team of teachers, LSAs and our onsite multi-disciplinary team

•Through a specialist curriculum addressing pupils’ social communication and social skills, flexibility for independence skills, life skills and sensory needs

•By supporting and empowering pupils to develop their self-awareness and their ability to use their skills functionally

•By supporting pupils in their ability to self-regulate and manage their own behaviour

How do we make a difference?

•Pupils develop the skills, tools and strategies to maximize their levels of independence and their ability to manage their own behaviour

•Pupils grow in their self-confidence and ability to communicate with others

•Families feel supported and empowered

•Pupils make good and outstanding progress in relation to the National Curriculum

•Pupils develop and awareness of the wider world and work related learning and experience work opportunities as they get older

Curriculum Lead